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Do you know this Nick?

One of the highlights for the team at Comic Con was seeing this incredible fan dressed as Dead Rising 3 hero Nick Ramos. It’s a such a great costume. We’d love to know who the person inside the costume is so if you know them or if that’s you under the Servbot mask go to our Facebook page (HERE) and send us a message as we’ve got some special exclusive DR3 swag waiting for you.

July 29, 2014

Dead Rising 3 takes on Comic Con

Well it’s been an eventful weekend for some of the team lucky enough to spend the last few days meeting the fans at the San Diego Comic Con. As expected Microsoft had a great presence at Comic Con and it was our great pleasure to take up some of their real estate and have a chance to meet all the great Dead Rising 3 fans and sign a lot of the limited-edition posters.

July 28, 2014