Capcom Game Studio Vancouver


Company History

Capcom Game Studio Vancouver started humbly as Blue Castle Games in 2005 with only a dozen employees. But our vision and energy resulted in rapid growth, our own powerful game engine and a remarkable six games produced within our first five years, across six platforms. We joined the Capcom family in 2010, just as we released the eagerly anticipated Dead Rising 2.


Robyn Wallace

General Manager
Robyn Wallace, General Manager, loves to work with passionate and talented people and that’s why she loves working at Capcom Vancouver. A pioneering businesswoman, Robyn started her own company at 21, because she was too young and naïve to know just how hard that would be. But Robyn thrives on challenge and opportunity and made that company the first of many career success stories. Robyn believes in finding the best possible team members to work at CV, then giving them the freedom to own and champion their own creative work. She believes in a leadership team that tries to leave ego behind, knowing that true collaboration makes for a thriving workplace and the best possible games. Nonetheless, her secret desire to be Audrey Hepburn is apparent the moment you walk in her office. When not intimidating the rest of us by running half-marathons, she has been known to dress her tiny, innocent dog up as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, successfully one-upping Rob at Halloween.

James Hall

Director of Technology
Having always been fascinated by the technology behind great games, our Director of Technology James Hall firmly believes in the power of a custom engine and tools to deliver amazing, unique game experiences.  Throughout his career he’s worked primarily on rendering, systems and overall architecture on a wide variety of titles, and now coordinates technology development across all of the studio’s titles, including that of our in-house Forge game engine and associated tools.  One of James’ primary goals is to ensure CV’s technology perfectly complements the titles in development, and never gets in the way of executing on the creative vision of the team.  He is most frequently found discussing how to drive our technology forward to support these ever-expanding creative ideas, though occasionally will be overheard extolling the virtues of driving with the top down in the middle of winter.

Naru Omori

Studio Art Director
Omori-san joins us from Capcom Japan where he worked for many years as an art lead for games such as Devil May Cry 2 and the original Dead Rising. Omori was an instrumental figure during the development of Dead Rising 2 and helped create the iconic characters Frank West and Chuck Greene. In his role as the Studio Art Director, Omori acts as a mentor and advisor to the rest of the art team and helps bridge the pacific to bring Capcom Vancouver and Capcom Japan closer. He cites the Dead Rising 2 development as one of the most interesting times in his career as he was able to see how game development is handled globally. In his spare time Omori is busy learning English and exploring the food and enjoying the open environment around Vancouver following his move from the crowded city of Osaka.